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Donna Heathman, CMA


Education Director/Instructor

I’m a Medical Assistant with 25+ years of hospital and clinical experience. Over the years, I also served as a preceptor, which sparked a passion for teaching and mentoring students. I moved to Boise in 2013 and began my career as a Medical Assistant instructor. I have successfully educated over 600 students in the Treasure Valley.


I believe that a great educator is instrumental for a student’s learning experience.  I strive to make each class interesting and engaging by incorporating my own personal field experience and applying that in my lectures. My creative detail in explaining classroom didactic and “hands-on” practice makes it possible for everyone to learn and excel.

 I’m often asked what I like best about my job? That’s an easy answer, the students! I love getting to know my students, learn about their goals and provide them with the necessary tools to achieve their career goals.


I love living in Boise and all this valley has to offer. I have two incredible kids. My beautiful daughter is disabled and I can’t think of a better place to raise her. My amazing son served in the Army as a Military Policeman and is now an Ada County Deputy. Some of my passions are photography, traveling, horseback riding and spending time with friends/family.


Thank you for reading my bio, I hope I have the opportunity to meet you!


Tammy David
Administrative Director

I have lived in the Boise area since I was 15 years old, so basically a native.  I am the Administrative Director for Medical Career Academy and love my job! I am typically the first person to interact with students and potential students.


I have worked in healthcare education for the last 11 years and have loved helping students achieve their educational goals. I am also a certified instructor in BLS CPR and am passionate about teaching lifesaving skills to our students.


I am a mom of three adult children and a German Shepherd named Bailey. I love spending time with my family and friends. In my free time, I enjoy reading, eating chips and salsa at my favorite Mexican restaurants and serving at my church.


Erin Thornbrugh, CPT
Phlebotomy Instructor

I’m a phlebotomist with 25+ years of experience working as a phlebotomist/ processing technician. I have taught clinical phlebotomy for 10 years and Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) phlebotomy for 5 years at a local community college.


I really enjoy teaching and have found this very rewarding to be able to share my knowledge gained from my field experience.  I strive to make the learning environment comfortable and fun, while still engaging and safe.  


My hobbies include trail riding on my horse with my husband and friends. I enjoy camping and anything outdoors.


I have recently moved to the pathology lab and have discovered a new passion in learning the incredible and fascinating world of tissue sampling.


Alisha Henderson, PTCB
 Pharmacy Technician Instructor

Hi!! My name is Alisha Henderson. I was born and raised in Boise. I married my High School sweetheart and we have 4 children together-3 boys and a little girl. The kids keep me pretty busy but outside of work and being a mom, I enjoy traveling and eating at the same 5ish restaurants because I guess I know what I like, and sometimes trying new things is hard. :) A few fun facts about me are:
1) I am a twin! We are not identical and our personalities couldn’t be more opposite.
2) I used to work as a magician's assistant but decided to get out of the profession when I got cut by a sword while performing an on-stage act. I got stitches and everything…it was wild!


I started my pharmacy career back in 2005 at Shopko and I worked for 14 years as their Lead Technician. I also worked as a Pharmacy Technician Instructor for the West Ada School District. There I was a HOSA advisor and am proud to brag that my students placed 1st and 2nd place in the State of Idaho in pharmacy knowledge.


As an instructor, I believe in giving every student the best opportunity for success by vowing to be approachable, understanding, and friendly. I promise to challenge you and put you outside of your comfort zone because THAT is when you grow.  Being a pharmacy technician is a fantastic career or a stepping stone if you wish to pursue higher education.  Regardless, I’ll be here for you every step of the way.  


Ask me how you can make the leap to become a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician with the help of Medical Career Academy.

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