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Upon registering for courses at Medical Career Academy, you agree to allow classmates to practice the required skills on yourself, as well as practicing on your fellow classmates. You understand that you may be at risk for accidents, injury, or illness.


You understand that registration is not complete until you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions for Medical Career Academy courses.


You agree that may need to submit to a criminal background check and a drug screen. If suspected of drug use, Medical Career Academy has the right to obtain a random drug screen for students with or without notice during the time in a registered course or clinical externship. You understand that you may be immediately dismissed from your course with a positive drug screen. A dismissal due to a positive drug screen may result in forfeiting course fees.


Medical Career Academy does not place students for employment upon graduation of any course.


You understand that full payment is due at the time of registration unless a payment plan has been approved by the administration.

A certificate of completion will be awarded after successful completion of the registered course and all course fees paid in full.



You understand that it is your responsibility to report any incident. By registering you agree that you are physically and mentally capable to participate in courses at Medical Career Academy.

Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, it is understood that you have read and understand this Liability Waiver.


Medical Career Academy is registered with the State of Idaho Board of Education, and it has not accredited or endorsed any course of study being offered by Medical Career Academy. These courses may not be accepted for transfer into any Idaho public post-secondary institution.


If you withdraw from a course prior the agreed upon drop period, full tuition refunds will be issued if the request is submitted by email or written letter and sent to the administrative director and upon the return of all course materials in new condition. No refund will be offered after the drop period, determined by each course. You are responsible for full tuition if course is dropped after the drop period.

Refund Policy
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